Google Pay OFFER 2020: How to collect all 7 stamps to win up to Rs 2020

Google Pay is giving a chance to  its users to win up to Rs 2,020 On Occasion of the New Year. For this, users have to collect 7 stamps. These 7 stamps will complete a cake and you will get a chance to win a reward of up to Rs 2,020 as soon as the cake is complete. The lower layer of the cake has a balloon, DJ, sunglass stamp. The middle layer has toffee, selfie and pizza. At the same time, there is a disco stamp on the top layer.

Google Pay OFFER 2020: How to collect all 7 stamps to win up to Rs 2020

On the occasion of Diwali, the company had also given a similar challenge in which there was reward of Rs 251 . But many people were failed in it. Now it must be going on in the minds of the users that how to complete the 7 stamps for the new year, then we are telling you the method here.

How To Collect 7 stamps complete the cake Google Pay offer

Method 1:The first way of this is that you transfer money to either a business, or a spot or Google Pay user. You will get a stamp for P2P Payments. This will give only one stamp to a unique Google Pay user. Through this method you can win 5 stamps daily. For this, the transaction amount should be Rs 98 or more.

Method 2: You can invite any of your friends to Google Pay through your referral code. As soon as your friend signs in on Google Pay and makes his first Payment , you will  get a stamp. In this way you can collect 5 stamps daily.

Method 3: If you have extra gift stamp , then you can send it to your friend. You will win 1 gift board when your friend collects a gift stamp. in the same Way, if you send multiple stamps to your friends, you can also win a bonus stamp.

Method 4: Pay the bill through Google Pay with amount should be Rs 300. At the same time, the mobile top-up or recharge and the amount should be Rs 98 or more. then You can also collect a maximum of 5 stamps through this method.

Method 4: You can also win the stamp by scanning the 2020 number near you. However, this method is only available for Android users. This allows you to win a maximum of two stamps.

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