How To Become Safe and avoid internet banking scam

How To Become Safe and avoid internet banking scam
How To Become Safe and avoid internet banking scam 

Follow these 8 tips to avoid internet banking scam The news about the online banking scam has been coming out from the past. So far many people have been victimized. Hackers hacked the bank account and hackers have made transactions of millions of rupees. Recently, SBI and HDFC customers have been warned about online banking scams. Let us know that hackers can steal your personal and security details in many ways. Hackers can also empty your bank account by hitting your bank account.

However, if you take care of small things, you can save yourself from these scams. In this post, we are giving you 8 internet banking tips, which you can save yourself from online banking scams if you take care.

8 Tips to Avoid Online Banking Scams:

1. Use Originals Anti Virus

 To protect your computer against phishing, malware and other security issues, you should always use the original anti-virus software. Anti-virus works to detect and remove spyware from any device that works to steal your personal and sensitive data.

2. Don't use Open wifi

 One big reason for online scams is open Wi-Fi network. Hackers work between user and open Wi-Fi. If you use any free Wi-Fi, hackers can steal all your data. Using your free open Wi-Fi is a big reason to steal your data. Hackers install malware in your device, which can easily steal the information.

3.Keep OS Update 

 Smartphone users should periodically update their OS. Also, the security controls should not be removed from the phone, which is usually called jail breaking or rooting. This restricts access to any app's demand.

4.Always change password 

 Users should always change their password. This keeps their accounts safe, and sensitive information is also safe. The most important thing is that you do not share information about your account and password with anyone. Keep in mind that you never have to keep an easy password. The password should be such that no one can easily find.

5. subscribe to mobile notifications

If you have not subscribed to mobile notifications yet, do it now. Whenever there is a transaction from your account, you will receive a notification receipt. If you have not done that transaction then you can file a report for it. Information will be provided not only for transaction but also how often logged in by entering the wrong password in your account.

6Avoid signing in your NetBanking account through mailers

Avoid signing in your NetBanking account through mailers. Always log in to your bank account by visiting the bank's official website. Apart from this, no bank ever asks for your account's login password. If you have such a kind of mail or call, do not ever share your information.

7.Do not use public computers at any time

Do not use public computers at any time to log into NetBanking. This keeps your information at risk. At the same time, if you ever do this in compulsion, after logout, delete the browser's history or cache. Also delete all the computer's temporary files. Also, do not allow R your ID and password pop-ups at any time. It would be better if you login to such an account in Incognito mode only.

8. Regularly login to your account 
Regularly login to your account and check last logged in or login history too. If you have any doubt about anything, contact the bank quickly.

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