Gmail: How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail

How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail

Gmail allows its users to block emails sent by Unwanted senders. Here we are Sharing you about 4 best tricks that will help you save your inbox from these Useless emails.

How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail

The way of communication has changed a lot in the last few years due to the Internet. Nowadays, the user is not Only dependent on phone calls to stay connected. But Gmails Too. Nowadays Email has become Very necessary for signup, and communication verification as well as many other things in the services. Many websites and apps ask for an email Account to create an account for any Thing. With the introduction of many video calling apps along with instant messaging, it has become very convenient to stay connected to your friends and family. However, it cannot be denied that even after the arrival of apps, email has retained its place.

Google's Gmail is the email service provider worldwide. It is a top-notch email service that allows users to do all the work related to email with free of cost. In addition, it also detects spam emails. If you are a regular Gmail user, then you Should be aware Of spam emails. Gmail gives spam feature to users. At the same time, if you are very worried about spam and fake emails, then you can also block these emails on Gmail. There are many ways to Block unwanted mails from Gmail, but here we are Only Sharing about the four best ways to avoid spam and fake emails.

How To Block a particular sender

If you are worried about emails coming from a particular ID, then follow these steps:

1- Sign In your Gmail account.

2- Search the email that you want to block.
3- Click on 3 vertical dots.
How To Block Unwanted Mail
4- Click on the block option given here.

How To Block Unwanted Mail-In Gmail Using Keywords

If you are unable to access the email in the account, you can automatically delete or block emails through keywords
follow these steps To do this.

1- Sign in to a Gmail account.
2- Here you have to click on the Triangle icon (drop-down menu) given in the search email option.

How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail
How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail Using Keywords

3- In the box here, type the keywords like Promotional Unsubscribe.
4- Select the Create filter option here and click on the Delete it option From The dialog box.

How To Block Unwanted Mails through filters

If you are become tired to block the User one by one, Then you can use filters for this.
1- Sign In to a Gmail account.
2- Here you have to click on the Triangle icon (drop down menu) From the "search email option".
3- Now search the names and email IDs that you want to block.

Gmail: How To Block Unwanted Mail In Gmail
Process Of Blocking Through Filters

4- Now select the CREATE FILTER option.
5- After this, click on the 'Delete it' option From the dialog box.
6- Then Click On Create filter again.

Use Gmail's unsubscribe feature

Gmail allows its users to block Useless or Unwanted emails through the unsubscribe feature. This feature can be used in emails from the unsubscribe link given below The Mails . Click on the unsubscribe option below in the promotional email you want to block.

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