How To pay Electricity Bill with Paytm 2020

Hello! Welcome to a new post of So in today's article, we will know about the Electricity Bill. How can we pay Electricity Bill with Paytm? SO Read the articles carefully.
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How To pay Electricity Bill with Paytm
How To pay Electricity Bill with Paytm 2020

Electricity Bill Payment By Paytm

As you all know, India is moving towards a digital India, so almost everything has started in India in a digital way. Whether it is shopping or Bill Payment, it has become easy and common Today. and the best means to connect with digital technology is the smartphone. Now we can do everything with the smartphone. Everything is possible now with fingertips.

Previously, electricity was not available in all places of India. But in the last five years, due to the Government of India, electricity has reached every house in all the Parts of the country. Now Almost Houses Has electricity Supply. So if someone is using electricity It is a matter of fact that every month a bill of the bill will also come. So he will go to the office of the electricity department to pay the bill, or he will pay the electricity bill online.

So how do people deposit electricity bill online? Today we will know the A TO Z process in detail in this article below. 

● Electricity Bill Payment Steps [Paytm]

Step 1: First, log in to your Paytm Account.

Step 2: Now you will find an option in the Dashboard of Paytm called an Electricity. Click on it.

Step 3: If there is an option to choose the state, then you choose your state.

Step 3: Now the second option is to choose of which board you use electricity, select it.

Step 4: Now there is CA Number / CON ID, so you have to put your consumer number in its place and click on the Proceed button.

Step 5: Now by from whose name is your bill and Amount of Bill, all the details will show you in front of You. 

Step 6: Now Enter The Amount as you want to pay. If you want to pay with Paytm Wallet, then you have to click on the option of Fast Forward and click on Proceed To Pay option. And if you want to pay by bank account, then you just have to click on Proceed To Pay option.
Then you have to click on the Continue button. Now you have to submit your UPI Pin and submit.
Now your bill will be credited successfully.

So in this way you can pay your electricity bill through Paytm.

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