Internet Safety Tips: Avoid These 6 common Mistakes stay safe from Hacker

Internet Safety Tips: Today everyone is using the Internet and This has only happened due to affordable smartphones and cheap data plans. The more people are becoming attracted to the Internet, the more people are becoming victims of fraud. In the Internet world, it has been a challenging task to prevent account hacking. Many people get caught in such cases in such a way that they have to pay a very heavy price. However, if you take a little caution, you can avoid such cases.

So Guys we have shared a List of 6 Common mistakes that can put you in trouble. so Read this articles carefully.

Internet Safety Tips: Avoid These 6 common Mistakes stay safe from Hacker
Internet Safety Tips

Cyber ​​Criminals steal your information by installing spyware and malware in your account or device. They are sent to your device or account with the help of messages or email or by another medium. To avoid such activities, you have to take special care of 6 things, which we are giving here.

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1. Virtual Keyboard: Hackers also take the help of keyboard tracker to find your password. There are many services where you are given the option to type the password through the virtual keyboard. you will be able to avoid keyboard tracking By entering the password through Virtual Keyboard
2. Avoid Using public Wi-Fi networks: Do not use any public Wi-Fi network. If you do, you can be a victim of hacking. Because it is an open source network and anyone can use it without a password.

3. Avoid Using public charging ports: Do not place your phone in the charging port in any public place. This can make you a victim of hacking. Many times, the attackers install malware in the device by placing a USB cable in such ports. This can also affect your device with malware.

4. Pay attention to the password: Whenever you create a password for any of your accounts, keep it strong. That is, do not create a normal password. Add a capital letter, small letter, special character and numbers to it.

5. Take help of OTP: There are many services where OTP is sought for login. This is a better option than a password. It is sent to your phone. This reduces the risk of hacking. 

Use Two-Factor Authentication: it is Also called 2FATurn on two-factor authentication on Internet services like Google, Facebook, etc. It will ask you for OTP to log in to your account in any new device. In such a situation, even if someone steals your password, they will not be able to log in your account.

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