Coronavirus safety tips - never Search these things In Google About COVID 19

Coronavirus, which has taken the form of epidemic In whole world, is now rapidly spreading in India .Due To COVID 19, it has been decided to lock-down many cities. There are currently more than 350 corona infected people in India and this number is continuously increasing. As the virus is spreading in India, people are using the Internet to search for information related to it like Medicines for COVID 19 and many things. Many wrong information related to Coronavirus is available on Google Search and social media platforms these days. In view of this, the IT Ministry yesterday directed the social media companies to remove all the wrong information related to this virus.

Coronavirus safety tips - never Search these things In Google About COVID 19

In such a situation, any wrong information related to this dangerous virus can cause problems for you as well as the whole country. Today we are going to tell you about the information related to this virus, which you should never Search Google.

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Do not search and install any app related to Coronavirus in the phone

We are telling this because There is no official app related to this disease has been developed at the moment. If there is any app related to it in your phone, then uninstall it immediately, so that you do not get any wrong information about COVID 19

Do not search website

There is no official website related to Coronavirus has been developed at the moment. In such a situation, you should not visit any website related to this virus. You can refer to the official website of WHO (World Health Organization) for information related to this dangerous virus.

Fake Treatment Videos

We are telling you to Never search for any treatment videos related to Coronavirus on google aor any other social media platform. Follow the guidelines issued by government for its treatment. If not Possible, do not go out of the houses and keep distance from people(Social Distance). 

Avoid Using Home Test Kit

it is Very Difficult to Detecting this virus. The testing kit for this is available only in a government recognized hospital. If you believe that you are infected with this virus, then immediately contact the helpline number issued by the Ministry of Health.

Medicines and Vaccines 

We should not search only through Coronavirus, any treatment for any disease and medicines through the website. If you are ill, you should contact the nearest hospital or doctor. other wise it may be Danger for you and your family.

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