Google released android 11 second developer preview with improved face unlock feature and 5G API

Google has released the second developer preview (DP2) for its next operating system Android 11. In the next operating system Improvements can be seen in this developer preview. Many new features will be added such as the new face unlock system can also be seen in it. These new developer previews have been shared by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers from his Twitter handle. Outlook of this new operating system can be seen in screen shots shared on Twitter. Talking about the new improved face unlock feature, in addition to the face, the eyes will also be verified to unlock the smartphone. The smartphone will not unlock If your eye will not open then 

Google released android 11 second developer preview

In Android 11 hinge angle detection feature has been added for foldable smartphones. Apart from this, features like 5G state API, variable refresh rate for apps and games have also been added. lets, know about the features of Androd 11 DP2

Call Screening Service Improvement

Google has added automatic call screening feature to the new operating system Android 11. This feature has already given in Pixel 4, That was launched last year. Users will be able to report any spam call With the help of this call screening feature app. Also, Users will able to report the reason for rejecting the call.

Variable Refresh Rate

With the help of this feature, users will convert the frame rate of the display to high refresh rate while playing the game. This is automated feature means it will enable automatically.

Resume on reboot

This feature will resume the OTA update after shutdown while updating the phone. For this, the user will not have to unlock the device again and will not have to start the process again.

Heinz Angle

This feature has been added specifically for foldable smartphones. It will have a sensor for the hinge used to fold the phone. This new operating system can be launched in Google I / O 2020 and may be roll out in the last quarter of the year. 

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