Careful! Hackers stealing people's money in the name of WHO

 In every situation, cybercriminals find a way to hack and steal money from Users. Now hackers have started scamming donations for COVID-19 via fake email id. So, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently issued an alert cyber scam alert.
Careful! Hackers stealing people's money in the name of WHO
Under this, it has been told that how cybercriminals are stealing users' money by claiming themselves as WHO. At the same time, they are making a dent in personal information as well. For this, hackers are using many fake mail IDs and asking people for donations for COVID-19. To solve this problem, WHO has issued some Do's and Don'ts, which we are giving you here.

WHO's cyber scam alert:

1. Hackers are attempting donations from people using the name of WHO. If any such e-mail comes to you, first verify its e-mail address. If this email id is followed by @ then it is the official account of WHO. If anything else is written after @, then understand that this is an attempt to steal your money. WHO never sends mail from @, @ or @

2. Do not click on any link in the email. See whether this link starts with before clicking. It would be better if you go to the WHO website and see for yourself where the URL starts.

3. If you are asked for your personal information like username or password in an e-mail, then never share such information with anyone.

4. Cyber ​​Criminals use the emergency to force people to take quick decisions. Never panic in such a situation. Whether request, right or throw, reaching a conclusion only after careful consideration.

5. If you think that you have accidentally given any of your personal information to the hackers then do not panic, change all your passwords immediately. Make all your passwords strong.

6. If you find any scam on the email, report it immediately.

Pay attention to these things of the World Health Organization (WHO) as well:

  • WHO never asks you for your usernames and passwords.
  • WHO never sends e-mail attachments that are not asked for on your behalf.
  • It does not redirect you to any link outside
  • The WHO does not ask for money to apply for a job, register at a conference or reserve a hotel.
  • WHO does not organize lottery, offer prizes, certificates through e-mail.
  • Donation for COVID-19 by WHO is being taken only through Solidarity Response Fund.

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