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If we make a list of illegal or piracy websites for entertainment purposes, Hdmoviearea would be one of the most famous names. Hdmoviearea is a website which allows user to download or stream any movie, web series or TV show. Although piracy is illegal, even then, the site’s web pages receive traffic every day at a reasonable rate.

The movies or shows available only on specific OTT platforms appear on the site within 24 hours of the release timing. Whether the platform is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, or anything, users can download the show or stream online.

What kind of movies user can stream or download from Hdmoviearea?

One of the reasons this site receives so much traffic is that it does not provide movies belonging to a particular region, area, or time span. The site has a vast collection of English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, and Kannada movies for free. It doesn’t matter that the film is new or old, Bollywood or Hollywood, everyone’s taste is available here.

Not only this, but Hdmoviearea allows the user to download any movie from this huge collection in whatever quality they wish for. From the least 300MB movies to the best resolution available, which can be 720p or 1080p. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you can also stream your desired movie or show on this site.

Key features of Hdmoviearea

Few reasons make this illegal site so popular on the internet. Like;

  • The level of shows brought up by the OTT platforms especially has made binge-watching a general trend now. Each episode ends with so much suspense that we cannot wait for the next one and immediately start that new season or episode. Hdmoviearea capitalizes on this as any new season or episode is uploaded here within few telecast hours on the platform or television.
  • Many movies available on this platform have a High-Definition print, which is sometimes better than that played on television.
  • Songs can also be downloaded from this site. If you love music but are fed up with those Spotify ads, you can download your favorite songs in the best audio possible from this site.
  • Movies that are dubbed in different languages are also generally available with dual audio enabled in them.
  • Out of all, the coolest feature about the site is that you can add a request of your desired movie or show that is not present in the collection of Hdmoviearea. If you don’t find the film, you wish you can add your request on the site. The suggestion is soon considered, and the movie or show is uploaded as soon as possible.
  • User need not register anywhere and even then, can download the videos they wish for.
  • Videos are available in multiple languages and multiple sizes. If you have an issue with your data pack or storage, you can download the movie in the size you wish for after compromising with the video’s quality.
  • In case you have a good data connection and don’t wish to download your video, you can stream live on the site.

Alternate websites for Hdmoviearea

You must be aware of the alternatives for this site as such sites are often taken down by the government, or it may help you if you are not happy with the user interface of Hdmoviearea. So here is a list of the top 5 sites:

  • Hdmoviehub: If you ask someone who belongs to this field, he/she would tell you that Hdmoviehub would definitely be the first that could replace Hdmoviearea. The site is pretty user-friendly. The plus point is that recently the site has launched a new version for their mobile users. The site now provides a faster speed to its user because of its updated servers.
  • Limetorrents: Another big name in this list is Limetorrents. The site claims to have 9.8 million torrents present of the site, and the number increases in thousands each day. The site has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and web series. The site also has a presence in other countries like France, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The site gives an average speed of 3 Mbps.
  • The Pirate bay: Pirate bay is one of those sites which has attained heights of success and built a strong reputation in this market. The site has been banned from so many countries. People have to access the site using VPN. The site has magnetic links with its torrents, which increases the download speed. It’s sporadic to find a movie that is not available on The Pirate Bay.
  • Torrentz: Torrentz is one of the oldest torrent platforms, with an average speed recorded as 2 Mbps. The site is used for downloading movies and songs. Torrentz often gets banned by the authorities of different countries, and thus, it has several domains so that users don’t face any issues while using the site. The site has been recently updated to protect users’ devices from viruses and malware.
  • Yify Torrents: The site has a pleasant and aesthetic overall look. This is the site that is best known for it’s HD prints. The site is not recommended to those impatient and has to watch movies just after its release. The site’s time is actually worth it as it provides the best print possible to the user. One disadvantage other than this is that this site mostly contains Hollywood films. If you are looking for a Hollywood film in HD print, you can visit Yifi Torrents.

Is watching or downloading Hdmoviearea safe?

Piracy is not just unethical but also illegal. The crime only does not include uploading the movies but also streaming or downloading them. A person who uses this regularly can also face some legal consequences someday. Although Hdmoviearea takes necessary measures and precautions, it is not advised to use any illegal website.

Disclaimer: The article does not promote the use of any of the illegal sites. The content is just for the individual’s knowledge about the particular website

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