10 Best ways to make money online in India for students

Nowadays every person is engaged in the make money online. Students studying in college and Schools are also doing online and offline part-time jobs for their studies as well as their pocket money. But every student doesn’t know how to make money online in India for students. So today in This post we are going to share with you the best way to make money online in India for students.

There are many students who take loan for professional education, in this case, this real earning tricks will work for them and they can make a little income by doing offline or online job which will help them to become self-dependent.

How to earn money online in india for students

At this Pandemic time, most of the students are sitting at home because school and college are closed. So you can make money online by sitting at home. Here we are going to tell 10 ways to make money online in India for students.

1. Online Teaching

how to make money online in India for students
how to make money online in India for students

If you are interested in teaching along with reading and you have the talent to teach anything in it, then this work Will best for you. In this modern age, the field of online reading and teaching has increased a lot

You can earn a decent amount of salary in this field. For this, you will not have to go outside of your home. You can do this work at home at any time. Online teaching is in great demand nowadays you can Teach Online and Follow Your Passion.

2. Data Entry Jobs

make money online in india
how to make money online in India for students

There are many foreign companies and Indian companies provide online and offline work of their Data Entry as well as pay a significant amount to them. The college student can make money online through this.

You can start with such small data entry work such as entering captcha or filling the survey form. You can earn money by online referral by creating your own big network with your friends.

Where can you do the jobs of online data entry as it also has work from home option You will have to start with a small amount of money, but gradually you can earn more money in it.

3. Selling Traveling photos to Travel bloggers

how to make money online in India for students
make money online in india

There are a lot of tourist places in India by which you can earn money offline or online. If you are very interested in traveling and clicking photos, then you can make it a means of earning. You can sell clicking photos during your trip to travel bloggers, but the photos must be professional. You can also earn well from this. To begin with, first, make a list and then start emailing all those people.

If they like your photos, they will definitely buy photos from you.

4. Instagram Portfolio

10 way to make money online in India for students
10 way to make money online in India for students

Today in the modern age everyone has started creating their work portfolio and uploading it on social media so that every good opportunity can be given. For this, people of every field, whether modeling, singing, or any fashion designing, arts, beauty, etc., create an Instagram portfolio of their work.

So you can also design the Instagram portfolio related to their fields by designing them properly and beautifully. and you can make good money. Instagram accounts are very important for modeling people. You just have to increase your networking and find such opportunities.

Due to your increasing experience and network, you can gradually increase your charges and can complete this work full time.

5. Translations Writing

If you have good knowledge of more than one language and you know how to read and write well, then the best way for you to work and earn money is translation

You can earn money by doing this work in many ways. If you work full time with a company, you can get very good salary. Also, if you work together as a freelance, then you can earn money according to the words of the content or per article. With this, you can earn good work by working one to two hours daily or even one to two days in a week.

You will get an opportunity to work for different newspapers or magazines, so that you will get money and your network will also increase.

6. Paid Post Review

Paid Review Writing jobs are very easy and good option for college students. Through which you can earn a lot of money from home in 2 to 3 hours. This work is easily available on online social platforms. Write a good review for any company or blog, or film production, instead of which that company will pay you a good amount of money.

This work is not limited in any one area. Be it any product or any hotel, everyone needs good reviews. For this it is very important to have a good network which you can create from social media.

7. Content Writting

This is the best way to make money online in India for students. This is a job that you can get easily. In the era of technology, today everyone is living an online life. A lot of such websites have been created where you can earn good money by spending two to four hours working in Content Writing.

Just for this, you have to specialize in any language, that is, whatever language you work in, then you should have a good grasp on that language. Many bloggers pay a lot of income to their editors for this work.

If you do not know content writing, then you can take help of online video course which you will get for free on a platform like YouTube.

8. Online Researcher.

how to make money online quora
how to make money online quora

Many students and individuals like to do research. Those students can take good advantage of it and they can make money online. By doing research, you can work both online and offline to write business houses, media houses and online content.

The peculiarity of this field is that it makes your good research networking and you can earn a lot of money.

9. Food Photography for Bloggers / Local Hotels /Home Bakers

If a college student is studying photography, photography is the best option to earn money online by doing it. But it is also not necessary that only students studying photography can do photography. If a student is from another field but interested in photography and clicks a good photo, then They can also earn good money by working part time through it.

In photography, you can photography any new food for any food blogger or home bakers or local hotels who pay a lot of money. These photos also go to his blog, social media and magazines. As you get experience in this work, the charges you get will also increase.

10. Social Media Assistant

how to make money online in India for students
how to make money online in India for students

Here many companies have to manage their social media accounts in which their content has to be managed. It is also becoming a means of earning in view of today’s growing social media platforms.

For example, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages have to be handled, which can give a good salary. And you can do this work even after sitting at home for three to four hours. Many startups and small shopkeepers are ready to give you thousands of rupees to make their Facebook or Twitter page popular.

For social media expert , the company gives 10 to 15 thousand rupees every month to the freelancer, who see their social media page. In such a situation, if you are a student, then this is the best way for you to learn social media marketing and to make your career in marketing field.

If you can handle social media well then you can also get a good income by marketing social media.


Friends, these were the Articles on ‘how to make money online in India for students‘ , through which you make some money and later you can get Online or Offline Marketing Job. If you have any question or suggestion, do comment.

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