Origin Country of Call of Duty: Is COD Mobile a Chinese game?

As the Indian government decided to ban 118 Chinese apps, including Most Popular games Like PUBG Mobile, And Many Other Games like battle royale game, the Indian mobile gaming industry has suffered shock waves of surprise and disappointment. Still, COD Mobile, one of the biggest Alternatives to PUBG Mobile, is safe from the ban in india, so far.

Origin Country of Call of Duty: Is COD Mobile a Chinese game?
Origin Country of Call of Duty

Due to Ban of PUBG Mobile, the fans of COD Mobile is too nervous By thinking that If the game also has many links to China, or it might be the next app to get banned?

So, Let us tell you the origin of COD Mobile.

Is COD Mobile a Chinese app?

Now The Question “Call of Duty Mobile country of origin: Is COD Mobile a Chinese game?” is in Everyone Mind After the Pubg ban.

COD Mobile is one of the most liked mobile gaming apps, which is developed by an American tech company called Activision Blizzard Pvt Ltd. The COD Mobile game, COD Warzone, and more games have been launched under the same brand, and the Call of Duty Mobile game application currently has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store worldwide in less than a year.


In a simple answer, COD Mobile cannot be considered a Chinese app, despite having been developed by TiMi Studios. The Indian government has banned many Chinese apps for protecting user data and privacy of Indian citizens. 

Considering COD is officially published and controlled by Activision, based in the US, as well as Garena, based in Singapore, this privacy concern is non-existent when it comes to COD Mobile. 

So, fans of this title can rest knowing that their favorite multiplayer shooting game is safe for now, and has no substantial Chinese connection to come under fire from the Indian government.

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