Mahaswayam | What Is Mahaswayam Job Portal?

In the wake of Covid-19, nearly 50% of India’s population went unemployed, and some migrant workers even lost their lives. As per the reports, the youth of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were adversely suffered because a majority of them are migrant workers. Nevertheless, PM Modi launched various employment programs for every state,and now our youth have decent jobs.

Like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Maharashtra was also a state where many laborers and migrant workers struggled in the Covid-19 period. Nevertheless, some major employment programs were not introduced by the state or central government. However, the Mahaswayam portal is always available for all the job seekers based in Maharashtra.

Mahaswayam portal is introduced by DevendraFadnavis, the Maharashtra former chief minister, and regulated bythe Department of Skill Development, Employment, and Entrepreneurship. This portal was launched back in 2017 for job seekers, institutes, recruiters, and foreign employers. Here, job seekers can meet genuine and licensed recruiters and bag decent jobs.

Seeing Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Government, Uddhav Thackeray, the current chief minister of Maharashtra, also introduced a portal named ‘MahaJob.’ However, this job portal isn’t better than Fadnavis-led Mahaswayam. Such portals’ primary objectiveis bringing job opportunities to migrant workers, farmers, and struggling job seekers.

Believe it or not, in 2020, more than 40,000 job seekers participated in the online events launched by Mahasawayam.This is the best platform for job seekers because they can polish their skills, find jobs easily, and learn about self-employment.

What Are The Major Objectives Of Mahaswayam Job Portal?

  • Develop Your Skills With Maharashtra Skill Development Society

India is a vast country where skilled professionals are required instead of people holding numerous degrees and certifications. Maharashtra Skill Development Society was introduced by the state government to join and polish his/her skills.

Employment And Entrepreneurship Program (EEP)

Employment And Entrepreneurship Program (EEP) was introduced by the CP (Commissioner of Police) of skill development society. The best part is when you join this program, you polish your skills, become industry-ready, and even get a stipend from the state government. More than 67,000 private and public companies are associated with this program, and already 33 lakh aspirants have bagged their dream job.

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You cannot get your dream job if you don’t possess the industry-ready skills. Having higher grades, multiple degrees, and certifications will put you in the crowd but will never help you in cracking interviews. Have you ever seen someone getting a job just because he/she has higher grades? Absolutely not….Having technical and non-technical makes you industry-ready and allows you to crack even the most challenging interviews. When you join this portal, you also become an official member of AnnasahebPatilArthikVikasMahamandal.

When you join the Mahaswayam portal, you learn more about the objectives mentioned above. Plus, this portal also provides some more advantages like job consultation, competitive exam preparation, market information, and the latest job updates.

Who Is Eligible To Join Mahaswayam Job Portal?

Any job seeker who is above 14 years is eligible to join this platform. However, candidates above 18 years are likely to get better job offers. There are no residence barriers; hence, you can still join this platform if you’re interested in working in Maharashtra cities like Mumbai and Pune. Students who have cleared their 10th or 12th can join this portal and acquire some industry-ready skills without disturbing their study patterns.

Initially, candidates registering for this portal must renew their registration every year. Nevertheless, you don’t have to follow a complicated and thorough registration process. You have to stay logged in, and the portal will automatically renew your registration.

One thing you should remember, Mahasawayam doesn’t guarantee jobs; it only helps you in preparing yourself for job interviews. Here all the registered employees are free to call the job seekers, assess them through multiple tests and interview rounds.

No registration fee is asked by the state government or by this portal to register or offer jobs. If you receive any calls, emails, or text messages asking for money in the name of Mahasawayan, consider it a scam. This portal is 100% free; whatever you want to learn or apply for jobs, everything you can do without spending a single penny. In our opinion, you should even avoid employers registered with Mahasawayam asking for application or processing fees.

Which Are The Documents Required To Register On This Platform?

You need to have all the qualification certificates like Class 10th/Class 12th marksheets, graduation degrees, etc. If you have some experience or skill certifications, you can upload them also for better job offers. Aadhar card is needed as proof of identity. Lastly, add your official mobile number and email ID to your account.

For registration, you can visit the official portal of Mahaswayam, register your account, upload these documents, and start learning and earning!

Final Words

With Mahaswayam portals’ help, the Maharashtra government is thriving to reduce the employment rate within the state and encourage youth to acquire multiple skills. If you already have a decent job, register with the portal and learn some new skills because constant learning keeps you away from the crowd!

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