Market Your Fast Food Joint With These Handy Tips In 2020

  • Market Your Fast Food Joint With These Handy Tips In 2020

As the fast-food industry gets more competitive with every passing year, running a successful restaurant business in 2020 can be very challenging.

It takes time for any new restaurant to be popular in any new city, so a well-defined approach is a must when it comes to attracting those first few customers.

Your fast food promotions, along with a customized marketing strategy, can do wonders and can get you more orders and customers.

Below are the top 10 marketing tips that you can use to market your fast food joint in 2020:

List Your Food Joint on Google and Other Directories

The best way to find more customers online is to list your restaurant on Google and other popular websites like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor, yellow pages, and many more.

By listing your food joint in these directories, your restaurant appears online in relevant search results. These listings help your food joint get more exposure, and ultimately, more customers.

It builds your credibility in the food industry because of the honest reviews customers put on these listings. These honest reviews help customers to trust the quality of your food and services that you offer at your food joint.

Effective Social Media Restaurant Marketing

Social Media is a great tool to find the target audience, engage with them, and convert them into loyal customers.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a tremendous user base. You can leverage the presence of this abundant audience to find more customers.

There are different strategies for different platforms, and you must use them accordingly.  For instance, Facebook provides options to build relevant pages and groups for your food joint to boost your following.

On Instagram, you can use high-quality photos and videos to build engagement. Allow users to collaborate by using your hashtags and geotagging.

Use Creative Interactive Videos in Campaigns

In the last few years, the internet has witnessed a tremendous increase in video consumption behavior of the users.  It has forced marketers to change their dull marketing strategies.

People spend more time watching a video rather than reading a blog article. These engaging videos can do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Almost every food brand is using videos in their marketing campaign to grab the user’s attention and convert them into loyal customers.

You can hire a professional to create interactive videos, or you can use Youtube video editor online to create thought-provoking videos.

Use Targeted Ads and Paid Campaigns

When it comes to location-centric businesses, targeted ads perform very well in building your customer base and drive more orders.

There are many platforms that you can use to run campaigns in a specific geographical area. It is a great way to capture the local market digitally.

You can even schedule your targeted ads according to the user behavior in your locations. You can also track the performance and evaluate the success of your campaigns using several ad metrics.

You can run personalized ads on these platforms where you can select the type of audience you want to target based on interest, gender, and browsing history.

Use Customer Loyalty Programs

The customer loyalty program is a modern marketing technique in which a business rewards customers who purchase or engage with them.

These programs have been quite popular in the restaurant industry for a long time now. Food brands like Dominos, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s have been using them for years now.

These rewards can be of any type from discount to gifts and more. It is a customer engagement marketing strategy that almost every restaurant is using in the world to increase their customer base.

There are many kinds of loyalty programs based on restaurant type. You must study the market and strategically select the one that brings a positive ROI for your food joint business.

Use of Influencer Marketing

So many influencers and bloggers have a massive following on social media platforms. You can reach out to these individuals and collaborate to promote your food joints.  

Influencers review your restaurants and share their experience with their audience on respective platforms. Their post reaches to millions of users with high engagement rates. Working with these influencers can boost the views and impressions of your business.

Influencer marketing is a proven marketing strategy that brings astonishing results to all types of businesses. You can leverage the wondrous reach of these influencers to grow your business.

Make Your Own Food Ordering/Takeaway App

There are several reasons to build a food ordering app that can increase your customer base. Customers surely prefer apps over websites when it comes to ordering food online.

A food ordering app brings more revenue to your food joint, and it can be an exceptional part of your overall revenue strategy.

A food ordering app must have all the features like user sign-ups, availability on android and iOS, responsiveness across devices, appealing design, great visuals, and engaging content.

You must hire a professional app design agency to have a smooth and attractive food ordering app.

Make Use of The Best Email Marketing Practices

If you are not collecting your customer’s data as a restaurant owner, you are living under a rock.

Building a customer list should be one of the top priorities of businesses as it helps them reach customer’s inbox with their promotional content.

Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy that businesses use to reach and convert potential customers. It is a prominent method to brand your food joints with engaging content and fabulous offers.

Build A Professional Website

A great website is a must-have for any kind of business in 2020. It is your digital address where your prospects can visit and judge your services or products.

There are a lot of factors that are responsible for increasing sales through your websites. For instance, the look and feel of your website must align with the design of your actual restaurant.

Having high-quality photographs in your food menu can also create a lasting impact on the customers. You must show your business hours and locations on your website.

You can also hire a professional web design agency to track user behavior and make marketing strategies accordingly. 


Food joints are gaining immense popularity in 2020, making this industry very competitive. To stand out among so many players, you must use a holistic approach while crafting your marketing strategies. If you use the above strategies carefully, you can easily outperform your competitors and build a healthy customer base for your business.

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